Company Profile

Anant Minerals

  has witnessed an accelerated growth since its establishment in the year 2006. The honorable Proprietor Mr. Shri Anil Kumar Lahoti has also helped the company in positioning itself among the most dependable suppliers of Natural Quartz Powder, Feldspar Powder and Acidic Ramming Mass with the help of his logical ideas and 20 years of experience in this field.


Lumps of Feldspar and Quartz after washing and drying is hammered and made into small size of 4-5 inch, and is fed into the Ball Mill. The Ball Mill plastered inside by Felcite lining stones (Magnesium Chloride and Magnesium Oxide as Binding agents) rotates resulting the stone convert to powder form by grinding process.

The Powder goes to the mesh separate tank with the help of Air blown through the pipelines. In the mesh separate tank, the powder separates into two:
The Required Mesh
Extra Fine Mesh Powder (500 mesh)

All these process are carried out in closed pipelines with no Air Pollution. We have technically sound experienced Technicians to handle the Machinery and Production who have worked in the same industry for the last 15 years.

We have a continuous air swift automatic ball mill having size 15 feet length and 6 feet in diameter. The ball mill is capable of grinding fine powders from B.S.S. 120 mesh to 400 mesh powder, extra fine powder collected in our dust collector bags can also be supplied.
Lining: Felcite (Hardness 8.5 to 9 on Mohs Scale)
Grinding Media: Quartz Lumps for quartz and felcite balls for Feldspar.
Crushing: Hand Picked, Washed and Hammered to smaller size.
Production Capacity: 8,000 Tons per Annum.
Storage Space: 2800 Sq.Ft.

Quality Assurance

We have a well equipped quality control lab that is well suited for performing stringent test on the industrial minerals. These tests are conducted under the strict supervision of quality control executives. Moreover the testing techniques used for the assurance of the quality are as listed below:
Mesh Size: - To ensure accurate mesh size by sieving the industrial mineral through standard mesh test sieve.
Firing: - To ensure the minerals are fired at appropriate temperature and exhibits excellent effectiveness.
Chemical Analysis: - To ensure appropriate chemical combination of the industrial minerals that is required by the customers.


We have a huge network of clients that is spread in every nook and corner of the Indian market. In addition to this, various leading industries are also included in this network. Moreover, we offer them excellent quality minerals that would offer them the highest level of satisfaction.